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Guidelines for Preparing Manuscripts

Format of the Papers

1. Language: English
2. Paper Size: A4 paper
3. Number of Pages and Lines: Papers must be 6 to 10 Pages. Adjust line spacing to accommodate 48 lines from top to bottom of the type area.
4. Margin: Top, Bottom: 25mm, Left and Right:20mm
5. Font: Times New Roman is recommended
6. Page Number: Not required
7. File: PDF file
* Template: Authors are encouraged to use the manuscript template for manuscript preparation.

General Order of Contents

2. Author(s), Affiliation(s)
3. Abstract: 200-300words
4. Keyword: 3-6words
5. Main Body: text, table, figure
6. Acknowledgement: If any
7. References


Structure of Contents
1. Font Size: 10.5 point
2. Line Spacing: Single spacing between line, double-spacing at the end of each chapter, sub-chapter and section.
3. Tables and Figures: Tables must be numbered sequentially and must have a reasonably title centered above the table
Figures must be numbered sequentially and must have a reasonably informative title centered under the figure.
4. References:
Papers: author, title of the paper, title of the journal, date of publication, page number
Books: author, book name, publisher and the city of publication, date of publication, page number
Websites: author, title of pages, title of sites, publisher of sites, language, URL, last accessible date


The copyright of the submitted papers will be held by the Asian City Planning Group, CPIJ.

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